Vehicle Leasing
Made Simple

Lease Link specialises in finding the best fleet leasing options based on your businesses vehicle requirements and budget.

We Find The Best Leasing Deal Easy

Lease Link will match your fleet requirements with multiple New Zealand vehicle leasing companies and provide you with the best quote based on price, features, and benefits. We take the stress out of finding a vehicle and endeavour to find the best option to suit your exact requirements.

Benefits of Leasing Your Business Vehicle :

  • Leasing rather than buying a vehicle outright enables you to expand your fleet without affecting your business capital. Payments are spread over the term of the lease to assist with cash flow management. 
  • Gives you a greater choice without compromising on the type or specification of the vehicle. You can choose the best option to suit your needs & budget.
  • Vehicle ownership and management are run by the leasing company and not your business. Which means we oversee the cost of on-road costs, servicing and WOF.

How it works...

Choose you vehicle fleet

Let us know what your vehicle requirements are by filling out our leasing form or selecting from our most popular leased vehicles.

More car for your money

From your fleet requirement, we will find the best leasing finance options for your business based on your selected vehicle types, budget and end-use.

Choose with confidence

You select the Lease option from those presented to you that suit your needs best. From here, we work with the vehicle manufacturer to arrange delivery at a time that suits you.

We are trained professionals

Lease Link has a team of experienced leasing professionals who can provide leasing solutions for not only individual and fleet vehicles but also trucks, trailers, earthmoving equipment (e.g. diggers, excavators), heavy machinery, equipment and plant.

Speak to a member of our team today about how we can help reduce your vehicle & machinery assets.

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