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1. Choose your perfect car

1. Choose your perfect car

Let us know what your vehicle requirements are by filling out our leasing form or selecting from our most popular leased vehicles.

2. Compare you lease offers

2. Compare you lease offers

From your fleet requirement, we will find the best leasing finance options for your business based on your selected vehicle types, budget and end-use.

3. Choose with confidence

3. Choose with confidence

You select the lease option from those presented to you that suit your needs best. From here, we work with the vehicle manufacturer to arrange delivery at a time that suits you.

Lease Link aims to make it easier to understand and compare the cost, features, and benefits of vehicle leasing so businesses can get the best leasing package to suit their needs.

When it comes to leasing vehicles there are many factors which can influence what lease is best suited to your business. Some lease companies have promotions on certain vehicles, some cater to different types of business, and they all vary in terms of pricing, features, and benefits.  

At Leask Link, we understand the ins & outs of the leasing industry and can help you find the right lease to suit your exact requirements.

By using Lease Link, we will go to the market on your behalf and present you with lease rates, features and benefits from lease companies that match your request.

We have a straightforward application process and are available to help guide you through the process. Meaning you can save time and money. 

Lease Link have streamlined our process into four easy steps:

  • Complete your vehicle or fleet requirements using our simple online form.
  • Lease Link will assess your fleet needs and come back to you within 48 hours with pricing, features, and benefits from the lease companies that best match your request free of charge.
  • Select which option or lease company is best for you and complete a very simple application, we will be there to support you with this.
  • Finally, the lease company will provide you with a lease agreement to sign and details around the delivery of the vehicles.