Full- Maintained vs Self-Maintained Lease Vehicle

In the latest Lease Link blog, we cover the differences between a Fully Maintained vs Self Maintained Lease Vehicle to help you understand the pro's & con's of both options. Our aim in doing this is to help you make an informed decision for your business. 

Picture this... it's a glorious day, you’re driving home in your company car after a busy week at work travelling up and down the country meeting clients. The sun is shining; you're listening to your favourite radio station excited about the weekend ahead. All of a sudden, the engine light appears. There is smoke billowing from under the hood. You are now slowly crawling into the hard shoulder of the road...argh! You’re going to be late for dinner! 

Now, what happens next and how efficiently this issue is fixed depends on the breakdown cover which your company has in place. When taking out a car lease with Lease Link, we give you the option of either to choose a vehicle leased under a fully-maintained or self-maintained contract. 

For those companies, under a self-maintained lease contract, things may not be as straightforward when things go awry. Well for starters, let's hope you know who your company's breakdown provider is so you can call them to come and get you back on the road. If you don't know,  trying to get in touch with someone in the office who knows might be a bit difficult; especially out of working office hours. So, the next best option is to call around for a local breakdown company to come to your rescue. You're left walking up and down the side of the road trying to get a signal; not the safest place in the world. Finally, after a couple of hours waiting as darkness falls, someone comes to your rescue. They have managed to sort the issue out, and you are ready to get back on the road. One last thing, you sign off the invoice for the job. WHOA! The accounts department won't be pleased to receive that bill!

For the lucky so-and-so's who have a fully-maintained lease vehicle, these bumps in the road are a breeze to deal with as services such as Roadside Assistance and Accident Management are already in place, bundled in with the leasing contract of the car. This means that your staff on the road can get assistance when they need it, keeping them safer when they are out and about and getting them back on the road much quicker if things do go wrong.  

Roadside Assistance is only one of the benefits of a fully-managed leased vehicle. This also includes on-going vehicle maintenance for the whole lease term, which includes servicing and WOF. However, the main benefit of a fully maintained lease is that you know the vehicle you or your team are driving is safe and up to road maintenance standards.

Having a fully-maintained leased vehicle is an excellent service for any business. Yes, this type of lease is a higher cost, but they often save companies money in the long term by spreading the cost over multiple payments. Depending on the level of managed service, the cost of certain repairs will also be included in the package meaning you can avoid any unforeseen maintenance bills.

If you have any questions about vehicle maintenance packages, feel free to call a member of the Lease Link team on 0800 346 565 or email us at [email protected]